Parsons Associates Coaching was founded on the belief that professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, and all people can make more money and have greater satisfaction doing the work they love – by aligning their business practices and life endeavors with who they are at their core. We help clients clearly define a vision and take continuous action toward creating the results they want. Our extensive training, business and coaching experience allows us to provide practical, proven strategies, structures and solutions that yield reliable results on a consistent basis.

Mickey Parsons, PSYD, MCC, CEAP

As a Master Certified Coach, Mickey started Parsons Associates Coaching, LLC in March of 1999 to focus on professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take more control of their businesses, careers and lives by overcoming self-limiting beliefs and fears to accomplish greater success. A seasoned professional with a Doctorate degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and over 20 years’ experience managing and leading business organizations, Mickey has a strong background in counseling, education and human resources. With demonstrated success in the areas of executive management and business development, Mickey’s education and professional experiences provide the solid foundation from which he coaches.

According to Linda Bailey-Davies, one of Mickey’s long-time coach mentors, “Mickey is a rare combination of excellent skills, wonderful intuition and a demeanor that makes his clients instantly comfortable. He has an uncanny ability to put even the most distraught client at ease and begin supporting them to take action that moves them forward…Mickey not only displays all the competencies of a highly skilled and experienced coach, he brings to his coaching an extra element of presence that is strong and supportive, incisive and clear and gentle, as well as firm, as needed. He has a remarkable ability to identify the exact cadence that is needed for the situation, the person and the call…

Early in his career, Mickey worked with Family and Children’s Services of Chattanooga, Inc. and Magellan Behavioral Healthcare where he helped companies throughout the USA implement and grow Employee Assistance Programs that provided counseling, education, training, finance and legal services as an employee benefit. Today, he uses this experience as an Employee Assistance Program coach to help both individuals and companies gain confidence and thrive in the market place.

Later, Mickey moved from the people-development industry into marketing and business development, and then finally served as the Executive Director of a Tampa Bay Area Chamber of Commerce before deciding to pursue the career of his dreams: becoming a Life Coach that specializes in business and career development.

According to Mickey, “Coaching is all about stretching and investing in ourselves. And, being a coach allows me to use my expertise to help others become more successful and balanced. It is the greatest “job” I’ve ever had.”

Mickey enjoys working with a wide variety of clients, and specializes in helping professionals that find themselves in career transition (Career coaching services for those in transition) and small business owners/practitioners who need a hand growing their business to the next level while maintaining personal balance and honoring their values & strengths.

Mickey’s own strengths include:

  • Relating and working closely with others to achieve goals;
  • Stimulating personal and group excellence;
  • Organizing for maximum productivity;
  • Achieving while creating a supportive/collaborative environment;
  • Positive and upbeat with a contagious enthusiasm

Mickey has served as Coach, Consultant and Trainer for more than 60 companies, including: Atlanta Journal Constitution, American Express, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Olan Mills Studios, United Way, HealthSouth, Brach Confections, Unum Provident, Bank of America, McKee Foods Corporation, Woodbridge, McDonalds Corporation, Home Shopping Network and the New York Times.

Professional Affiliations: American Society for Training & Development, American Counseling Association, Employee Assistance Professionals Association, International Coaching Federation, Coach University, Coachville.com. Plus a member of several local community boards, committees, professional organizations & task forces.

Mickey and his Associates are committed to helping their clients build successful businesses, careers and lives. If you are tired of making important decisions by default or “pro and con” lists talk to us before launching a new career or business. Together pursuing your personal passion, increasing profitability, or attaining greater balance will be much easier!

Richard Bernard, Jr., MED

As a life and business coach with over 20 years of diverse experience in the private sector and public education, Richard partners with professionals, education executives, civil servants, and small business owners to create a dynamic relationship focused on results. As a strategist he helps his clients define and design their decisions as well as their destiny. His areas of expertise includes: fitness, turnaround situations, and work-life balance. Richard believes in helping each client and entity in discovering their truth, passion and zeal — living in their light versus in their shadow.

Richard holds a Masters degree in Education and a certificate in coaching from Coaching Training Institute.

Donna Cooper, MS, NCC

As a Career Coach Specialist with over 20 years of experience working in the field of career and personal development, Donna believes that the career path is seldom straight. She enjoys working with clients as they assess, identify, plan, and progress on their journey to change whether it is to enhance a career, change a career, or to create a career. Being aware that environmental and personal factors can have a powerful influence on career goals and satisfaction, Donna works with clients as they examine obstacles and
motivators for change.

Kelly Angell, MAPD, CLC

As a Life Coach and Leadership Skills Coach, Kelly is passionate about lifelong learning. She coaches with a desire to see individuals experience lasting transformation as they move towards their ultimate fulfillment and potential. Kelly enjoys working with leaders who want to be successful at work and in life. She challenges all of her clients to discover their strengths, unique design, and to engage the growth agenda in their present circumstances. As a coach, Kelly helps clients to assess where they are and walks with them to where they want to be – whether moving forward is to overcome adversity, navigate transitions, get unstuck, build stronger relationships, clarify and live according to values, be more effective as a leader, achieve a goal, or find balance in life.

Kelly has a master’s degree in counseling/professional development and certification in leadership coaching. She has a strong background in operations management, human resources, and leading teams in both for-profit and nonprofit business organizations. Her strengths include: building authentic relationships and effective teams, leadership development, systems improvement, mediations, and problem solving. Kelly works alongside international leaders on their leadership and personal development journeys.

 Kate Woods, CPBA

Becoming a Personal and Professional Coach was a natural extension of Kate’s 25-year career in the beauty industry. She began her career as a stylist, then continued on to become a trainer, manager and consultant.

During the last 15 years, she found personal fulfillment from working closely with women who were coping with cancer and experiencing hair loss. Women who are dealing with the effects of chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia or genetic hair loss taught Kate a great deal about the human spirit and inspired her move into a new career direction herself…focusing on the real beauty comes from the inside of each person.

Working with hundreds of women over the years also has given Kate the opportunity to see the importance of balance in our lives – that ever-changing place where we feel valued, motivated and in control of our own destiny is something that we continually, habitually and even subconsciously seek. Through Coaching, Kate helps her clients achieve that sense of balance and purpose by guiding and encouraging them to think big and take action steps that inevitably create a life, career or business venture that they are passionate about.

As a life-long learner, Kate is continually reading, attending workshops and studying personal development. One of her favorite things about coaching, is that it allows her a platform to share her knowledge and insights with clients, which in-turn provides an avenue for empowering them while expanding their capacity to choose a direction that will make their lives joyful. To some, this means finding the work you love, having a more organized life, or finding the strength to say what you need, to others it means navigating transition or planning for a successful small business or retirement.

As a graduate of Coach University, and a member of the International Association of Coaches, Kate has merged her passion for helping others succeed with a clear understanding of human development and powerful coaching tools which has allowed her to become a masterful coach. Regardless of the goal, Kate is an exceptional listener who consistently helps her clients achieve the goals and successes they seek.

Mayrene T. Earle, M.Ed., CUCG, CPBA

Affiliated with Parsons Associates Coaching since 2002, Mayrene is also founder and principal of MastersCoaching, a professional coaching practice based in Brewster, Mass. (Cape Cod). She specializes in empowering individuals to navigate career transitions successfully, achieve their goals and make life-affirming changes. “I believe everybody can love their work. Every individual deserves to be a champion,” Mayrene says.

Mayrene brings 30 years’ experience as a collegiate athletic coach and educator to her life coaching practice. In addition to her work with individual clients, she conducts workshops, retreats and seminars on topics such as: Goal-Setting for Success, Caretaking the Caregiver and Thriving While Surviving Cancer. She is also a highly sought-after rowing coach who develops and directs rowing camps and clinics for masters rowers around the world.
Mayrene is adept at inspiring clients to access hidden strengths and break through barriers. Along with her toolbox of coaching skills, motivational techniques and joyful humor, Mayrene’s keen understanding of how individuals learn generates powerful results.

In guiding clients to clarify their values and goals and to create work lives they love, Mayrene draws on the lessons of her own journey. She is a two-time cancer survivor, and this has given her a special appreciation for living life to the fullest. Mayrene is a creative and compassionate individual whose positive and playful coaching style encourages individuals to achieve their full potential.

Before launching MastersCoaching in 2001, Mayrene was Assistant Professor/Head Coach, Women’s Crew, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she successfully coached gifted students to compete in one of the toughest leagues in the country. She is co-founder of ROWoman, one of the first U.S. rowing camps for masters women, and has earned numerous coaching awards. She writes a rowing newsletter called MastersCoaching and contributes a monthly column to the USRowing association’s newsletter.

Mayrene has a masters degree in education and is a graduate of Coach University. She continually updates her skills through professional development programs. Most recently, she earned her CPBA (Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst), which qualifies Mayrene to interpret DISC behavioral assessments for individuals and businesses. She is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Mayrene partners with clients to create a constructive coaching environment centered in honesty and integrity. Her coaching sessions are ALWAYS responsive to client needs and ALWAYS fun!

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