Business Coaching

Our Executive Coaching Program consists of coaching for Executives and Entrepreneurs who need objective business advice.

Also see our corporate website: for information on becoming a Certified Leader Coach™ as well as our Leadership Essentials™ and Supervisor Essentials™ programs.

Business and Executive Coaching is right for you, if…

  • You want to become the best leader, manager or business owner you can possibly be – the type of person that serves as a catalyst for creating superb results.
  • You’d like to maximize your own performance while inspiring excellence in those you lead.
  • You want to be “Coach-like” or employ coaching principles to unlock human performance potential in your workgroup or organization.
  • You or your company needs assessments, management consultations or training related to job performance, employee conflict or dealing with job stress.

70% to 88% of Companies report they utilize coaching

Charted Institute of Personnel and Development, 2005

As a part management consultant, part psychologist, part business development strategist,  An Executive Career Coach or Business Coach focuses on achievement strategies and actions designed to improve business performance. As an Executive Career Coach, I  help my clients reach specific goals and overcome obstacles that impair their performance. We help by…


Review the situation that warrants change. Begin to build the relationship. Formulate goals, outcomes and establish commitment


Learn about being coached. Establish the baseline through various assessments, inventories or programs.


During regular coaching sessions, the coach listens and observes carefully, gives feedback and collaborates for better approaches that inspire and motivate for change.


A cooling down phase where the coach and leader review, re-cap and revaluate next steps.

Additionally, we offer two terrific self-study programs to empower the entire culture of your organization…Supervisor Essentials and Leadership Essentials©these programs are designed to help you and all of your managers and leaders raise the level of your game, find a better way to lead, and provide added value to by empowering a new generation of leaders.

If you’re ready for change, let’s schedule a collaborative interview so we can get to know each other better and discuss the results you want to attain. Give me a call at 877-306-5292 or email me at or complete my web response form by clicking here.

In the meantime, below are some client comments that you may find helpful:

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“When we began coaching, I had scattered focus and was very unsure of what I wanted to do. Now, four months later, not only am I clear about my direction, but I have taken major steps towards making it a reality. You have given me fabulous ideas and helped tease out my own brand of marketing. Thank-you! -Heather/Vancouver, B.C.

“Going from an office of hundreds of people to working by yourself, from your basement–definitely brings a mix of different challenges and opportunities. On that note, Mickey was an extraordinary coach and guide through issues I faced with business and life. Mickey also helped me brainstorm new and different ways of doing business, not only with my current business, but for other business ventures as well…amazingly, I reduced the number of hours I work each week and still surpassed all previous years in financial performance!” -Carol/Georgia

“…coaching has helped me discover new talents, and implement a plan of action to reach new career/business goals. I am more confident in facing the future.” -Anne/Ohio

“After having started my own school teaching adults English as a Second Language in Switzerland, I realized I needed help marketing and selling my school. Mickey coached me for approximately 8 months and during that time, I successfully reached all of the goals we plotted out…He is an incredibly good listener and supported me in the most professional way.”-Rose/Switzerland

“Our weekly sessions helped me stay focused on my priorities – over the past year my revenue grew by almost 70%.” -Regina/Massachusetts

√ In landmark study, Manchester, Inc. revealed that companies which provided coaching to their executives realized improvements in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customer service and shareholder value. They received fewer customer complaints and were more likely to retain executives who had been coached. In addition, a company’s investment in providing coaching to its executives realized anaverage return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of the coaching.