Career-Map® – Now Absolutely Free!

Ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. Are you where you want to be in your career?
  2. Does your job provide you with everything you need and want?
  3. Are you the person you always hoped you would become?

If you answer NO to these questions, then Career-Map©  is for you! In fact, this e-book will show you how to create your perfect career, or rekindle passion in your current job. You will also develop strong decision-making skills and a personal profile that will serve as your guide in many other areas of life –such as personal relationships, business and life planning. Click the image below to download Career-Map© for free.

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Career-Map© is based on our experiences coaching and counseling thousands of clients over the past 15 years.  Therefore, you will find this guide to be packed full of useful advice, real-life success stories and activities that will guide you toward a careerbusiness or life path that fits your unique strengths, talents and lifestyle goals.


Here are a few of our recent reader comments:

“WOW! The insights in Career-Map have helped me decide on a new and exciting career — I feel like I’m finally in control of my life again.” (L. Roberts/CA)

“Career-Map gave me an entirely new attitude about success!” (B. James/NY)

“I found it pulled me forward– I wanted to know the next step each time. It is strong, concise, with good illustrations in the case studies and great exercises. Thanks!” (D. Johnson/GA)

“I really enjoyed your workbook. I found myself highlighting important questions and insights in every section.” (M. Lee/FL)

“Great workbook! It’s so good I think you should charge more for it.” (Kathy/Atlanta)

Career-Map© will show you:

  1. How to Make Radical Career and Life Changes in Six Small Steps.
  2. How to Become and Remain Employable in Every Economy by Realizing Your Potential and Applying Basic Self-Coaching Techniques.
  3. How to Create a Climate that Fosters Your Unique Strengths and Talents and Allows You to Build Winning Relationships that Lead to Opportunities for Growth and Advancement.
  4. How to Dramatically Improve Your Productivity Without Working Any Longer or Harder by Being “on purpose” every day and making deliberate, near-perfect decisions.
  5. Discover your life’s calling and learn to communicate it effectively
  6. How to Have Joy, Balance and the Courage to Pursue Your Passions.
  7. Plus, You Will Explore Power-Packed Resources and Career Transition Tips that Offer Insights into Continued Professional and Personal Growth.

Here is a Sample of What You’ll Find in Each Session of Career-Map ©

Rediscover Success – Every person should have a definition of success that is compelling and helps them develop a system for producing positive results. This workbook will help you create your own success formula – one that will match your unique strengths, skills and talents.

Reclaim Your Strengths – Everyone has a unique “style” and set of talents, skills and strengths that when honored lead to great satisfaction and more effortless success. This workbook will help you explore and identify your own strengths, plus gives you insights on how to align your career goals and action steps with your strengths in mind.

Reorient Around Your Values – When you fully articulate your values and begin to live your life around them, career (and life) choices become much clearer. This workbook will help you identify your core values and create your personal decision-making litmus test.

Resurface Your Needs – The truth is, we all have needs. The trouble comes when we don’t let ourselves acknowledge them. By denying needs, you drive them “underground”–where they consume huge amounts of energy and begin to dominate your life and choices. This workbook will help you identify your needs and meet them in healthy, satisfying ways.

Re-energize Your Goals – Goals are excellent tools for creating a successful life as well as powerful guide-posts for navigating career transition. This workbook will assist you by providing proven steps to goal-setting and achievement.

Realize Your Mission – One of the latest “techniques for success” is the personal mission statement. Motivational and management gurus agree that these can be as effective in our own lives as they are in organizations. This workbook will help you gather the information necessary to craft your own mission (or guidance system).

BONUS – In addition to the self-guided sessions and real-life examples you will find in Career-Map © you will also receive

  • Links to 50 top-notch web resources
  • A recommended reading list to keep you focused and moving forward

Of course, Donna Cooper or one of our Executive Career Coaches will be happy to help you out on an individual basis, too!