DISC Overview

DISC (D = Dominance, I = Influence, S = Steadiness, C = Compliance) IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF BEHAVIOR & EMOTIONS. Simply stated, it is the language of “how we act” or behave…our manner of doing things.

DISC behavioral reports describe both our natural behavioral style…how we intrinsically operate and our adapted behavioral style, or how we respond to the demands of our environment. With this valuable information, it becomes easy to see where our strengths are not being leveraged and identify the underlying causes of stress.

Value of DISC

While people disagree over a universal definition of success, most would agree that long-term happiness is a by product of being who we are, doing what we love and connecting with others in a meaningful way…that is where DISC is of greatest value: understanding ourselves and others.

DISC behavior reports (Executive, Manager, Employee, Sales, Teams, & Customer Service) give you insights into “HOW” you do what you do…they identify your own unique style of communication and, in turn help you identify the styles of the people around you. The results are improved communication, better relationships and inevitably greater strides toward success!

DISC Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values report allows you to discover the “WHY” behind your actions/behaviors. Once you understand the underlying motivators, it becomes dramatically easier to craft a step-by-step plan for development, success and happiness – a plan that is aligned with your natural strengths and passions.

DISC Core Behaviors

Are you competitive, aggressive and results oriented?

The High D has an inherent need to direct, to be continually challenged and a strong desire to WIN! High D’s are to the point and tend to be high risk takers.

Famous High D’s include: Barbara Walters, Michael Jordan & Rush Limbaugh


Are you enthusiastic, persuasive and gregarious?

The High I has an inherent need to be liked and interact with others. At their best, they promote trust and confidence and are highly persuasive. High I’s are known for wearing their “heart on their sleeve” as well as for their contagious enthusiasm.

Famous High I’s include: Robin Williams, Arnold Palmer, President Bill Clinton

Are you deliberate, patient and a team player?

The High S has an inherent need to serve. They are loyal, patient, relaxed and promote security and harmony. High S’s are known for long-term relationships and strive to maintain status quo.

Famous High S’s include: Andy Griffith, Walter Payton, Barbara Bush


Are you conscientious, precise and sensitive?

The High C has an inherent need for order, stability and procedures. They play “by the book” and are attentive to detail. High C’s have a desire to be right and require proof and evidence.

Famous High C’s include: Felix Unger (The Odd Couple), Chris Evert, Vice President Al Gore


While the lineage of the DISC language can be traced as far back as 444 B.C., our modern version is based on the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston, whose book “Emotions of Normal People” stands at the basis of the DISC Language and Target Training International’s (TTI’s) Assessments and Reports.

Most of Dr. Marston’s adult life was spent as a teaching and consulting psychologist. Some of his assignments included lecturing at The American University, Tufts, Columbia and New York University. A prolific writer, Dr. Marston was a contributor to the American Journal of Psychology, The Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Encyclopedia of Psychology. Additionally, Marston authored/ co-authored five books.

Marston’s most well-known contribution was his success in lie detection. His work was done at Harvard University and in 1938 his book, “The Lie Detector,” was published. Since that time lie detectors have been used by law enforcement and crime detection officials throughout the world.

TTI’s founder and CEO, Bill Bonstetter later refined, validated and enhanced Marston’s research into the exceptional DISC Behavioral Reports that we have available today.

The Managing For Success™ suite of DISC assessments is considered to be the most reliable and valid behavioral style tools available on the market.

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