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Our Success Insights Assessments are the latest, full suite of reports built on TTI’s Style Insights™ for DISC and Motivation Insights™ for PIA&V. The resulting customized reports bring you the HIGHEST VALIDITY and PREDICTABILITY on the market today!

Style Insights™ reports are DISC based and measure observable behaviors and emotions, identifying behavioral strengths and possible limitations.

The various assessments in this SI series focus on various specified areas as listed below (Click to preview a PDF Sample):

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Samples of our most popular Managing for Success (MFS) DISC Reports

DISC for Executives

This report provides detailed information that helps corporate executives, leaders and professionals pinpoint their individual style, strengths, and limitations. It also provides insight into how other people perceive you, and how you can adapt to the styles of others in order to achieve bottom-line results in the shortest amount of time. Perfect for leadership/executive development.

MFS Employee-Manager

This report is designed to help managers improve their management skills and get more out of their employees. It is a terrific tool to help new employees get-off to a great start, set realistic development plans for current employees, and improve communication between employees and managers.

DISC for Sales Professionals & Sales Strategy Index

These reports can help you design an ideal sales team and understand how your top producers succeed by effectively meeting your customer’s needs. They provide information on an individual’s style of selling, overcoming objections, closing and servicing accounts. This report is an excellent tool for any training or coaching program.

DISC for Teambuilding

This report can help your team achieve great results by reducing conflict and harnessing the power of their individual styles. It allows members to move more quickly through the stages of team development by recognizing team priorities, resolving disagreements, and blending their styles to achieve common goals.

DISC for Customer Service

This report offers specific approaches for developing communication excellence with customers. Your employees will be able to recognize different interactive styles and employ proper techniques to serve and meet individual customer needs accordingly.

DISC for Successful Career Planning

This report helps you take charge of your career by identifying your ideal environment, strengths, weaknesses, current wants and basic needs…then suggests possible job matches for exploration. A fantastic tool for life long career planning.

DISC Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values

A great companion report to all of the others!  The PIAV report identifies your unique values and motivations behind your natural and adapted behaviors. A critical element in your litmus test for career and life satisfaction. Stop following someone else’s formula for success…PIAV is a self-discovery tool that allows you to personalize your overall success strategy so it fits your individual style.


This report helps identify and resolve time wasters that impact individual productivity. It allows individuals the opportunity to develop a powerful new approach to organizing and managing their relationship to time.

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