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“When work is no more than a means to an end, it cannot be of high quality (or satisfaction) Eckhart Tolle

If you’re thinking about making a job or career change, coaching can help you…

  • Gain control of your professional life
  • Increase your income
  • Become energized by the process of self-discovery
  • Build a stronger professional reputation
  • Thrive in an uncertain marketplace

We work with experienced professionals who are ambitious and motivated by career advancement. Whether you want to get ahead or are trying to safeguard your position during uncertain times of turmoil, you know you have to take greater control of your career in order to stand out and succeed.

  • Are you frustrated with the progress of your career and feel that it is “stuck in the slow lane?” You may worry about lack of motivation at work or be uncertain about how to promote your yourself.
  • Do you have skills & abilities you are not using in your current job? Maybe you feel burned out and know you can do other things, but don’t know how to repackage yourself so that others take you seriously.
  • Can you see yourself doing the same thing 5 or 10 years from now? Perhaps you lack direction and need some guidance on how to go after a more satisfying job.
  • Would you like to develop better leadership or management skills? You have potential that isn’t being recognized by your colleagues/employers or clients and want to do something about it.
  • Do you know what you want to do, but don’t know how to get there? You are looking for a specific opportunity but can’t seem to land anything and you’ve run out of ideas.

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you can benefit from Business Management Coaching, or Career Management Coaching. I would like to invite you to make this your year to change your direction and your “luck!” Make a simple commitment totransform your career and your life instead of “marking time” and letting fantastic opportunities pass you by! Part career counselor, part personal development strategist, our Career Coaches guide you in self-discovery and in tailoring strategies for greater job satisfaction, performance and overall success. We are dedicated to helping you define your identity and communicate your personal brand and unique value to employers.We help you identify career choices that match their unique strengths, values, needs and

lifestyle goals while overcoming obstacles that can impair their performance. Consider the following facts:

  • The average job tenure today is 2-3 years
  • 1500 people become self-employed every day
  • 67% of Americans plan to work past age 65
  • 40% of workers over 40 return to pursue higher education/training
  • This year’s college graduates will have 5 different careers and 12-15 different positions
  • The amount of information available doubles every 90-days

Career Coaching Services utilizes a four step process (ready – set – succeed – recalibrate) that incorporates assessments, external feedback and self examination to uncover your unique talents, skills, experience, and passions to craft your unique professional brand.If deep down you know there’s something better out there for you and you are ready to take control of your career path, let’s schedule an introductory session so we can get to know each other better and discuss the results you want to attain. Give me a call at 877-306-5292 or email me at mickey@parsons-associates.com or complete my web response form by clicking here. We want to help you reach your full potential and achieve your career and financial goals!

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