Today’s leaders & managers must MAXIMIZE their most precious resources – Human Resources as well as effectively cope with the pressure to get more done with less and in less time. Thriving with such demands requires a new way of thinking and new tools for coaching people to peak performance!

 Parsons Associates Coaching and The Leadership Essentials Group present – Leadership Essentials© – A 5-Module fully customizeable leadership program that provides supervisor, manager or director level staff with key leadership skills and knowledge. Can be delivered in person or via Teleclass.

  • The Coaching Module

This is a first step in providing participants with the technology and concept of coaching as a leadership competency. Participants will be introduced to our easy to learn and use 5/5/5 formula for successful coaching. In this module, participants discover powerful coaching techniques that will enhance and grow communication and leadership skills. Participants will have an opportunity to assess their own communication styles and learn how to communicate with people of the same and different styles.  Real life work situations will be used to model all competencies. Participants will also have an opportunity to do a self assessment on their own leadership competencies from a coaching perspective. Participants will be given the opportunity to develop a coaching plan for leadership development with their coach which will be used for the duration of the coaching experience.

  • The Trust Factor Module

The fundamental truth is that without trust, leaders, teams and organizations are going to make and sustain little progress. Knowing how to create trust and re-build broken trust are key to the success of any organization’s culture and to the success of its leaders. Trust building and sustaining are essential to the success of any supervisor, manager or director level staff member. This module provides participants with the information to understand the elements of trust and how to create it and/or re-build it if it has been broken. During the workshop, participants will, through interactive discussions and exercises have a chance to experience what it is like to trust as well as the uncertainties of not trusting. All exercises are customized to the specific team, organization and culture utilizing organization specific examples

  • Time and Priority Management Module

Doing more in less time continues to be the mantra today. We can’t control the time we have, however we can control what we DO with the time we have. This means that, more than ever, organizations are looking to support their employees by coaching them to change behaviors and learn new skills that will help them be effective and productive, as well as reduce their stress levels. This easy to implement Time and Priority Management module provides participants with a multitude of skills. Supervisors, Managers and Directors not only need to be effective in managing their time and priorities they must also be able to model that behavior and coach those that report to them. This

module also covers basic problem solving and facilitation techniques that will support the participants in utilizing their time well when faced with the many competing priorities that face them.

  • Feedback Module

Giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of our work and our workplace. It is also an area that is one of the weakest for many. The ability to give and receive feedback is critical to the success of leaders, managers and supervisors and to the success of the organization itself. Mastering the feedback process down, up and across is essential. This interactive program provides participants with a common sense set of tools, language and demonstrations that allows people to quickly become comfortable with the process. Participants will gain first hand experience, practicing with the tools and a variety of feedback scenarios that have been specifically customized for the organization. The coaching support in between modules supports participants in integrating these skills.

  • Conflict Management Module

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. Conflict down, across and up; it is a part of doing business. Nobody likes it; however, avoiding it or mishandling it can have profound impacts on individuals, teams and entire organizations. The role modeling and expected behaviors of an organization around conflict management contribute significantly to the culture and the success of the organization and its leadership. This module provides participants with multiple tools, processes, language and examples of how to effectively manage conflict up, down, and across the organization. During the workshop participants will gain first hand experience with the tools and a variety of conflict scenarios that have been specifically customized for the organization.

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With over 18 years of experience facilitating workplace and personal development training programs, Our coaches are available for presentations, seminars and workshops on the following topics:

  • Board Member Essentials
  • DISC Dynamics – an introduction to DISC language
  • DISC for Management & Employee Development
  • 7-Steps to Winning The Inner Game of Sales
  • Teambuilding – TreamTalk – Partnering for Power & Impact
  • Stress Management: Balancing Work & Personal Life
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change/Transition Management
  • Career Management – Designing Career Paths that Fit

(*In many cases, training materials may also be formatted and delivered via tele-classes.)

When presenting, my goal is to engage and inspire my audience by using real life examples, interactive activities, tools and easy-to-follow techniques. Please contact me for additional information or to schedule a seminar.

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